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Buy 4-Methylaminorex Online, The synthesis of cis-and trans-4,4′-DMAR has been published and is shown below.1Key intermediates in this reaction are the cathinone (normephedrone) intermediate and the reduced alcohol. Conversion to cis-and trans-4,4′-DMAR was achieved with either cyanogen bromide (BrCN) or potassium cyanate (KOCN), respectively, based on a number of variations published in the earlier literature related to the chemistry of aminorex-type compounds.2,3,4The idea of synthesising 4,4′-DMAR following established aminorex-type chemistry was discussed on an online forum at least as early as 2003 although it is unclear whether this was ever taken further to the preparatory stage.

Chemical identification

Analytical characterization and preparation of both cis-and trans-4,4′-DMAR racemates have been reported.1 This includes 1H and 13C nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR), electron-and chemical ionisation (EI/CI), electrospray (ESI) triple quadrupole and high-resolution mass spectrometry, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy, gas (GC)-and liquid chromatography (LC) and X-ray crystallography. Buy 4-Methylaminorex Online, The differentiation of cis-and trans racemates may be facilitated by implementation of FTIR, NMR or adequate separation techniques. Chiral resolution of all four enantiomers may be obtained from derivatisation and synthesis or separation using appropriate preparatory stationary phases. Analysis by EI-MS revealed the presence of key fragments at m/z 190 (M●+), 175, 146, 119, 91, 70 (base peak) and m/z 43, respectively. TheEI spectra of both racemates are identical as expected.

Administration and Dosage

As a powder or tablet, common routes of administration for 4,4′-DMAR are nasal insufflation and oral administration. In the latter case, consumption of tablets and ‘bombing’, i.e. the practice of wrapping powder in cigarette paper (or similar) prior to swallowing, have been noted. Reports of seizures and collected samples have noted that 4,4′-DMAR has typically been obtained in the form of powders and tablets.26,27The majority of powders are white but other samples have also been described as pale yellow, pink, green and blue colouredpowders. Tablets have been observed in various colours and shapes some of which bore logos such as ‘Playboy’, ‘Heart’, ‘Mitsubishi’, ‘Star’, ‘Transformers’, ‘Cherries’, and ‘Cross’. Some of the deaths reported from the United Kingdom involved “speckled” tablets featuring a ‘Cherry’ or ‘cross’ logo.5 The analysis of a collected sample of 5g of 4,4′-DMAR in the form of a white powder sample obtained from an Internet retailer confirmed the presence of the cis-form as a hydrochloride salt. Buy 4-Methylaminorex Online

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