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2 Fluromethamphetamine (2 FMA) | Buy 2 FMA For Sale

2-Fluoromethamphetamine (2-FMA) is a stimulant drug from the amphetamine family which has rarely found possessed as a designer drug. Effects include euphoria, loss of appetite, increased energy, and insomnia

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2-Fluoromethamphetamine, Buy 2-FMA Online

First of all, 2-Fluoromethamphetamine (2-FMA) is a research chemical, and little formal knowledge about the substance is available buy 2-fma online. It’s a phenethylamine and amphetamine since around 2012.

Another, It’s been described as an alternative to amphetamine and lisdexamfetamine, albeit with a lower recreational potential. 2-FMA primarily offers productive rather than recreational effects our shop.  Furthermore, most users describe it as less inherently recreational than amphetamine.w

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2-FMA = 2-Fluoromethamphetamine
PubChem: 24257263
Molecular formula: C10H14FN
Molecular weight: 167.227 g/mol
IUPAC: 1-(2-fluorophenyl)-N-methylpropane-2-amine

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Light: 10 – 20 mg
Common: 20 – 40 mg
Strong: 40 – 50 mg

Hence, Most people find there’s little reason to go beyond 40-50 mg 2fma. Maybe,  After that point, the stimulation may increase, and the duration could be somewhat extended. As a result, the chance of negative effects increases.

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Above all, Buy 2-Fluoromethamphetamine (2-FMA) online is a rare stimulant drug of the methamphetamine family which is a recreational designer drug


Total: 5 – 8 hours
Onset: 00:30 – 01:00

Aas a result, Most of the core effects tend to decline within 5-6 hours. Likewise, but wakefulness can persist for 8-10 hours. Most noteworthy, Strong+ doses can extend the effects to some degree. Certainly, Buy 2-FMA For Sale | Where to Get 2-FMA | Order 2-fma Online

Fatalities (combinations)
Case 1 (Karinen)

  • Male in his early 20s, where to get 2-FMA, is 2-fma legal in the us.
  • Took 6 codeine/acetaminophen tablets
  • He also appeared to take, according to his girlfriend, 3-MMC and 4-FMA.
    • Those had been purchased online. Is 2-fma legal in the US
  • He laid down after using the drugs.
    • Within five minutes, he was snoring, and it wasn’t possible to wake him up.
    • His lips turned bluish.
  • Paramedics called, failed to resuscitate.
  • Despite him having used “4-FMA,” the retention time didn’t match upon analysis.
    • 2-FMA ultimately was found .

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  • Toxicology
    • Peripheral whole blood
      • AH-7921: 0.43 mg/L
      • Codeine: 0.42 mg/L
      • Codeine-6-glucuronide: 0.77 mg/L
      • Acetaminophen: 19 mg/L
      • 2-FMA: 0.0069 mg/L ,Is 2-fma legal in the US
      • 3-MMC: 0.0021 mg/L
  • TDC view: 2-FMA was probably a minor or entirely unimportant substance in this case.

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